Embarking on a journey with Macaw, I have had the privilege of shaping compelling graphic and digital designs tailored for the distinguished Fiat | DFSUL brand.

Digital Art
During my tenure at Macaw, I had the exciting opportunity to craft captivating digital artworks for dissemination across the social media platforms of the FIAT Group. My role involved skillfully manipulating images featuring prominent car models to engage and entice the target audience.
My role involved conceptualizing and creating a range of visual materials tailored for display in FIAT | DFSUL's retail outlets. These artworks were meticulously designed to align with DFSUL's brand identity and convey their core values to the customers.
I had the privilege of spearheading a campaign tailored for dissemination across DFSUL's retail outlets and social media platforms.
A special thanks to Macaw Marketing Vivo.
Creative Directors: Charles Terra & Ítalo Menezes
Role: Art Director
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